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  • 5 star review  My family and I are learning so much from the history books and the catechism looks like we get from this school and my children learning how to cursive write learning proper grammar when of the school in the books are reasonably priced.

    thumb Deborah Carl Wiersma

    5 star review  The staff are wonderful to work with! Calling or emailing is never a problem, and they are always very helpful!

    thumb Laurie Fagan

    5 star review  We've only used a few books from your curriculum, but loved them and are looking forward to using the whole curriculum this year. Our oldest quickly learned to read with the Little Angel Readers and flew through them halfway into first grade. She was also very exited to learn cursive and enjoyed those workbooks a lot. Everything we've used has also been very Catholic based and that's a big plus for us. Thank you!

    thumb Nicole Richter
  • 5 star review  This is only our second year using full enrollment and I can't say enough good things about OLVS! They are always there when we need them and have helped us tremendously!!!

    thumb Amber Kluck

    5 star review  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed OLVS which I’ve used for 3 of my children. The solid Catholic books and materials are such a treasure! It’s rigorous and I really like that the daily lesson plans are already laid out for you. Such a time saver!

    thumb Bessie Hayes

    5 star review  We love OLVS. Curriculum that we understand and we know is not politicized. It is affordable to the staff is amazing. So glad we found it! Thank you!

    thumb Doug Dickover
  • 5 star review  I have used OLVS for 15 years now and counting. I started with my oldest son, when he was going into 8th grade, but then stopped, because of him not the curriculum; then continued when my oldest daughter was starting kindergarten. This year I will have 7 kids using OLVS, but the most I've had using it in a year was 8 of my children. My kids love this curriculum as much as I do. In a couple of years I will be starting the last of my bunch in kindergarten but in the meantime the rest of my children are using your curriculum. My MIL used this for my husband in elementary back in the 80's and my husband is the one who told me about this school. I was nervous starting to homeschool bc I didn't know where to begin. OLVS, "held my hand", the first years, which helped me tremendously until I took off on my own and was able to homeschool without my "hand held". Thank you OLVS for your curriculum!!!

    thumb Ruth Norris Pinz

    5 star review  We LOVE this curriculum!!

    thumb Tonya McFadden Eck

    5 star review  I love this curriculum! It encompasses our Catholic Faith , everything I could ask for in a catholic curriculum

    thumb Risha Alcazar Parayno
  • 5 star review  We have been homeschooling our girl for 5 years and counting... Great curriculum, very affordable, teacher's support from day 1. Our Lady of Victory School has been a true blessing for our family.

    thumb Liliana Reyes

    5 star review  Some of the books are absolutely fantastic, and the lesson plans are very well laid out. One of my sons was enrolled several years ago. Our Lady of Victory School is by far the best Catholic homeschooling program. 🙂

    thumb Susan Peek

    5 star review  Stellar, unrivaled resource for homeschooling families looking to ground/continue their children’s education in solid Catholic Truth. I’m grateful for the patient, charitable staff who are ever-willing to advise and help us. Every book we have purchased is a keeper!

    thumb Gem Veranga Bathan
  • 5 star review  OLVS is great school to go through! You will do much about your Catholic faith and my tutors are so helpful!

    thumb Angel Frenzel

    5 star review  I enjoy the religious books and curriculum OLVS offers. The curriculum is based on the Baltimore Catechism and is kid friendly too. The authors present the truths of the faith in a very simple, yet beautiful way. I have used their religion curriculum for 4 years.

    thumb Christine Wienke Raymond

    5 star review  I didn’t go through the program but some of my best friends did, and I love the outcome.

    thumb Randall Leese
  • 5 star review  Great homeschool resource!

    thumb Steven Eck

    5 star review  Super happy with OLV. We have never had any problems or delays with our curriculum. All my concerns have been addressed with compassion & support.

    thumb Claudia Guzman Saucedo

    5 star review  I love that the lesson plans are put together so well and that my children are getting a complete and thorough Catholic education.

    thumb Missy Waliser-Freeman
  • 5 star review  I have been very pleased with everything that we have tried from Our Lady of Victory School!

    thumb Danielle Zito

    5 star review  Our Lady of Victory School is by far the best home school choice out there. We actually learned our Holy Catholic Faith for the first time while teaching our son because of this program. They have a amazing assortment of traditional Catholic items in their store, and the support is wonderful. I am so grateful that God led us to OLVS when beginning to home school with our son and that my daughter is now using the program for my grandchildren.

    thumb Marie Downy

    5 star review  I graduated from OLV home-school way back in 1992 and now I use it for my children. So happy with their curriculum!

    thumb Renee Cozza
  • 5 star review  Well I have to admit that I'm kind of biased 🙂 I worked for Our Lady of Victory as a tutor 16 years ago. This family-owned company is a hundred percent committed to giving you and your children the best homeschool experience possible. The amount of support that they have for each other as a team and the amount of support that they give to the families is wonderful. Last year and the 2016-2017 school year was my first experience as a home- schooling mother and I really enjoy... ed the experience as well. The tutors were always available for questions, as well as anybody that happened to answer the phone. I found that the courses were affordable and that everything is inclusive and they make it foolproof. I highly recommend Our Lady of Victory homeschooling program and if you happen to be in the Post Falls area definitely stop by their store they have absolutely amazing Catholic gifts and supplies

    thumb Tracy Bullington

    5 star review  We don’t attend the school, but purchase from boookstore. Great Latin resource and fast service.

    thumb EllenKevin Smith

    5 star review  We have 8 children and this program is wonderful love the sweet people in the office. Everyone is willing to help and get you going. My children know more about their faith then I ever did as a child.

    thumb Sarah N Matt Warren
  • 5 star review  Absolutely beautiful books!!! We love OLVS!

    thumb Kim Richter

    5 star review  God bless Our Lady of Victory School! They have been a lifeline for our Catholic faith, a great resource for authentic Catholic books. Come to Mass, Drawing God's Magnificent Garden, Illustrated Catechism, Handwriting books, 11th Grade History....a blessing to our whole family. Looking forward to The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this year. Thank you for you do! - Nora Brower

    thumb John C. Brower

    4 star review  I can’t wait for my son to begin the program this year, I’ve heard such great things about it from my family and other friends at our church who follow your program. The fruits of a great education are evident in the wonderful kids that are graduating from the program.

    thumb Helen McCormack
  • 5 star review  A great Traditional Catholic curriculum

    thumb Becky Brutger

    5 star review  I was homeschooled fourteen years ago using curriculum from Our Lady of Victory. It was so wonderful, I will be using it for my children too!

    thumb Sarah Hope Guffey

    5 star review  Great curriculum AND whenever you need to call, everyone is always very helpful!

    thumb LianneMitchell Iacoli

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