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 Lepanto Press
Publishers of Catholic texts
Traditional Catholic Home Schooling
Since 1977, OLVS has been providing Roman Catholic home school curriculum and home-school-books. The curriculum and textbooks used in our homeschooling program are well organized, doctrinally sound and very affordable.  

Our Lady of Victory School allows Catholic HomeschoolCatholic homeschooling parents to choose from various standardized or specially tailored programs, resources, and supplies.  Welcome to our site.  If you have any questions, please contact us at    208-773-7265 or

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Homeschooling: the Pro-Family Counterrevolution
A new film production company demonstrates yet another aspect of the massive cultural influence of the homeschool movement. "In a world at war with the family, there is nothing more pro-family than the Catholic homeschool." - Michael J. Matt

NEW Henle 2nd Year Latin Answer Keys!
New for 2015 - complete answer keys! Easily continue from Latin I & II to Latin III.

Standarized Testing For OLVS Students
How to procure standardized tests for your child. We frequently receive inquiries regarding the testing of children for various purposes, including placement. OLVS prefers the older Iowa Basic Skills Tests, and we collaborate with Mrs. Sara T. Dunsford, of Phoenix, Arizona, in assessing and measuring OLVS students.


Old World & America
New Hard bound edition of the classic History text...

Heaven's Treasures: Talks to Boys & Girls
These talks were given by the great storyteller, Fr. Winfrid Herbst, in the early part of the 20th century. So well-received were these talks that it was decided to put them in print so that ...