The Children of Fatima (Windeatt)


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The story of Fatima told in an appealing way for the young, so that they will perceive the seriousness and the beauty of this wonderful story.

“What if nothing wonderful happens on the 13th? Aren’t you afraid people will laugh at you then?” asked the parish priest, as he looked closely at 10-year old Lucia.

“Oh, no, Father!” replied Lucia. “I know something wonderful is going to happen on the 13th. The Lady told us so.” Nine-year-old Francisco and 7-year-old Jacinta were equally certain.

October 13 dawned cold and rainy. Out in the sheep pasture, huddled under dripping umbrellas, was a huge crowd of 70,000 people–cold, muddy, tired.

Lucia’s mother was beside herself with anxiety. “O Lucia!” she exclaimed. “Are you very sure there is a heavenly lady?” Lucia was sure.

The 3 children knelt and began to recite the Rosary. Presently Lucia saw the familiar flash of light. “She’s coming!” she cried.

“Take a good look, Child!” her anxious mother called out. “Don’t make any mistake.”

This book tells what happened next. It also tells about the great Miracle of the Sun, as well as about the time Jacinta gave away the children’s secret, the time the children were put into prison, and the time they received Holy Communion from a mysterious Angel.

In short, here is the beautiful story of the 3 little children who saw Our Lady in the small village of Fatima, Portugal.

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