Saxon Algebra II Set (3rd edition)


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Set includes Text, Tests, and Answer Key.

Algebra II includes intermediate algebraic concepts such as: graphical solutions to simultaneous equations, scientific notation, radicals, roots of quadratic equations, properties of real num-bers, inequalities and systems of inequalities, logarithms and antilogarithms, exponential equations, basic trigonometric functions, algebra of polynomials, vectors, polar and rectangular coordinate systems, and a wide spectrum of word problems. Geometry is integrated throughout the program, so that by the end of Algebra II, all students should be exposed to all of the geometry they would have received in a dedicated geometry course. The 3 book set includes: Algebra II Textbook, Test Booklet; Answer Key to Text & Tests. A reasonably-priced Solution Manual for Algebra II is available, as well, and strongly recommended.

Algebra 2 not only treats topics that are traditionally covered in second year algebra, but also covers a considerable amount of Geometry. Time is spent developing geometric concepts and writing proof outlines. Students completing Algebra 2 will have studied the equivalent of one semester of informal Geometry. Applications to other subjects such as physics and chemistry, as well as real-world problems, are covered, including gas laws, force vectors, chemical mixtures, percent markups, set theory, probability and statistics are also included.

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