Dive Instructional CD (Saxon Adv. Math)


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How does a student use a Dive CD?

Each lesson is stored as an individual file. The student puts the CD-ROM in the computer and selects the lesson they have scheduled for that day. The student will have their book open to the appropriate lesson, with their pencil and paper ready. The whiteboard “screen” is large and fills up most of the computer screen, making the writing easy to see.

What are the lessons like?

Each lesson begins with a brief introduction of the topic to be covered. The student will listen to the instructor and take notes on anything that is written on the whiteboard. The student will then work all practice problems by pausing the lecture, working the given problem, then watching the lecture again to see if it was worked correctly. If the problem was worked incorrectly, the student can rewind the lesson and find their mistake. The student stays actively involved during the entire lesson, as they are either reading along with the instructor, taking notes, solving problems, or rewinding/fast forwarding as necessary.

How long is a typical lesson?

Each lesson is about 10-20 minutes long. However, because of the time to pause and work practice problems or rewind for review, the total time will vary from student to student.

Dive CDs are compatible with all Macs, Linux, and Windows 7 and later. Please be sure the edition of your textbook matches the edition of the Dive CD.

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