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zenstein Chronicles 4

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Letzenstein Chronicles Book 4



It was a man calling–the man who had got out of the window. Mel thought suddenly that she recognized that voice.

“Toby! C’est moi, Raf!”

Mel felt enormous relief that Raf was there. He was moving along slowly, with his hand against the roof to balance himself. Now he reached the iron railing.

“Toby? You hear me?”

Then at last Mel heard Toby’s voice. It sounded faint and frightened. “Raf! Please come! My leg is hurting. I can’t move at all.”

“Toby, move not,” she heard Raf say. “It is better you lie still.”

She heard Toby crying, “Raf, please come.”

“Soon the firemen are coming, Toby,” said Rafael. “They will get you down.”

But Toby could only whimper, “Please come, Raf–please.”

“All right! I come!” said Raf, in a cheerful voice.

Rafael le Marre is once more on the move! This time it’s to Victorian London with young Toby, hoping to find the orphan a home with his grandfather at the “Rose and Crown Inn.” This is what Toby’s dreamy cousin Melisande also wants to happen, but snobbish Uncle Piers has other ideas. Catherine Ayre is caught up in the action, along with Charlie the street sweeper, Toby’s charming aunt Olivia, and others. As always, Raf goes his eccentric yet debonair way, making friends–and enemies. Then plans, already precarious, go further away when Toby takes things in his own hands and runs away!

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