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“The bells of St. Peter’s tolled, and criers made known throughout the land that the time was drawing near when the Cid must leave Castile. Many there were who loved the Cid more than they feared their king. Titles and property they left behind to look forward to a life of wandering and uncertainty. Men of valor, they came together at the bridge across the Arlanzon, and all swore fealty to a lord who owned no lands or possessions. They were three hundred knights, and would be a people without a home, living in a hostile land under the banner of the Cid.”

“Seated upon their restless mounts, each had a brilliantly colored pennon streaming from his lance. Fully armed and helmeted, they were mangificent and fair to behold. They would have little rest, living ever watchful in remote and distant lands. From this day forward their security would be in the might of their arms and the keen edge of their steel. They would be led by the greatest knight in Christendom, and their fate would be in the hands of Almighty God.”

This book is an inspiring biography about an extraordinary Catholic knight chosen by God to save his nation from Islamic aggression. Known by the honorary title of El Cid, Rodrigo Diaz is an epic hero who is relevant to our time. Exiled by his king, insulted and maligned by those who should have supported him, he selflessly fought against seemingly insurmoutnable odds to save Christian Spain. Commanding the respect even of his enemies, upon his death a Muslim historian acclaimed him, “a miracle among the great miracles of the Almighty.” The Cid is an example of what can be achieved through devotion to duty, prayer, and trust in God.

Softcover, 186 pages.

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