A Soldier Surrenders


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There are very few stories written about the life of St. Camillus, but his life story is one that both the young and old would do well to hear. In a style very captivating, Mrs. Peek imparts the fascinating story of this great saint who – at an early and rebellious age – went off to become a 16th century soldier-of-fortune.

A belligerent and often brash young soldier, this self-seeking Camillus de Lellis frequently gives in to his passion for gambling and drinking, leaving him, for the most part, in dire straits. And though he sometimes cooperates with grace, he always seems to find himself back in trouble.

Ultimately pushed to the brink of utter despair and humiliation, this stray and obstinate soul finally surrenders to the King of Kings, and the soldier of fortune becomes a soldier of Christ.
An inspiring story of perseverance and the eventual surrender to the Divine Will.

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