St. Paul the Apostle (Windeatt)


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“We just found out there’s a plot to kill you!” blurted out one man among the little group of Christians as they stumbled into the house of Saul (who later would become known as Paul).

“The murderers have been hired, and the Damascus authorities have agreed to look the other way,” put in another breathlessly.

For a moment there was silence from Saul.

“Well, what are you going to do?” whispered the visitors fearfully.

Saul thought joyfully of how St. Stephen had been martyred for Christ. But he knew that was not God’s will for him just yet.

“I’ll leave Damascus and escape to Jerusalem,” he answered. “I’ll go after dark. Will you help me?”

“But the watchmen will never let you pass the city gates. They’ve all been bribed by your enemies!”

“We’ll bypass the city gates,” answered Saul calmly. “Just let me explain. .. ” What did Saul have in mind? Would it be dangerous? And would it work?

This book tells what happened. It also describes how Paul won victories over the devil, how he was mistaken for a god, and how he faced court trials, scourging, imprisonment, angry mobs and, finally, martyrdom for Christ. In short, this is the story of the many adventures in the life of the great Saint Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Softcover, 231 pages.

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