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Written by Msgr. Furlong, the book recounts the founding of our nation, beginning with the circumstances sur-rounding the problems between the new Colonies and England. Students will explore the Catholic roots of our nation. We meet great heroes and heroines of the United States. The time period covered in the text runs from the time of the French and Indian War (mid-18th Century) to World War II. An accurate account is provided without excessive sympathies toward political philosophies, and with Catholic interpretations. This text is so beneficial in helping students better understand the founding of our nation, that nearly all students will find it interesting and enjoyable reading.

The text teaches the students to be familiar with famous persons, places, dates and events in US History – acquiring a tremendously valuable store of knowledge to build on when pursuing greater understanding at a more advanced level. The text written in 1940 reflects both Catholic faith and patriotic love of country and is a tremendous asset for students.

Softcover, 505 pages.

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