Christ the King Lord of History Workbook (TAN)


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At last, a comprehensive workbook for students to use as a study guide alongside the history textbook “Christ the King, Lord of History,” which is itself a thorough-going, fast-paced, high school Western history text that shows the Catholic Church is the central figure in all of Western history.

Each chapter of this workbook is complete in itself with Questions and Answers that follow through the text in sequential order, with blanks to be filled in by the student–right in the book itself, which thereby becomes a handy review of the text and a study guide for refreshing the student’s memory about what has been covered. Or, alternatively, each chapter may be cut from the Workbook and used as a test.

Also included here are three charts to help the student mentally organize large amounts of information–and to help students learn to make their own charts for study purposes.

Written by a home-schooling mother who is also a previously published author, this Workbook and Study Guide will prove invaluable to the student as a study aid and reminder of what he has read. Also, it will give the teacher or home-schooling parent a clear indication of the progress the student is making in world history.

All in all, “Christ the King, Lord of History-Workbook and Study Guide” will prove to be the key to a successful study of world history from the master text. This is a providential book for schools and home-schoolers alike!

50 Questions for each of the 30 Chapters
Fill-in-the-Blank, Multiple Choice, True-or-False, & Matching Exercises
Answer Key with Perforated Pages for Easy Removal

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