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This book gives proper attention to and an appreciation for the role of the Catholic Church in American history. Beginning before Columbus and ending with the early 1990’s, this book covers the vast panolpy of American history in a fast-paced yet thorough, and always interesting manner. Students will come away with a proper sense of who we are and of what America owes to the Catholic Church.

This is best described as a hemispheric history text, Christ and the Americas written in the late 1990s by Anne Carroll. You will learn about the Catholic roots of our country, and learn how the Catholic Church has fared in our hemisphere. The histories of the United States and other countries in our hemisphere have been deftly intertwined. History can be presented from any number of points of view, but, ideally, there is a single interpretation of events, causes, and effects which must be viewed through the lens of a Catholic perspective. Dr. Carroll does an admirable job of helping the student to understand better what we need to do to help the country we love come closer to God.

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