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The Schuster version is.

Parents, teachers and students will welcome this Workbook to the rightly famous “Bible History” by Fr. Johnson, Fr. Hannan and Sr. Dominica.

“Bible History Workbook” features between 50 and 100 Answer Blanks for each of the 31 sections (which vary in length), providing over 2,400 Answer Blanks in the entire Workbook! And yet the Questions do not confuse the student with “minor points.” Rather, the Questions focus the student’s attention on the main persons, places, events, concepts and Scriptural quotations in each Section, so that he acquires an excellent basic background in Scripture. (This applies even to adults!)

Answers to the Workbook are to be filled in by the student right in the Workbook itself–which thereby becomes a handy review of the text. The Questions in each Section follow the sequence in the text, so that the workbook can easily be used as homework, to go along with daily reading of the text. Or, alternatively, each Section may be cut from the Workbook and used as a Section test.

This Workbook is clearly laid out–and fun to use! It will be a tremendous help for the student in learning a large amount of information, and it will give the teacher or home-schooling parent a clear indication of the student’s progress.

Since “Bible History” and “Bible History Workbook” are based on the traditional Catholic Bible (Douay-Rheims version), the student who makes his way through this Workbook will be tapping into the great Catholic Scriptural traditions. “Bible History Workbook” thus provides an excellent orthodox Catholic background in Scripture and lays a solid foundation for deeper Scriptural studies in years to come!

*Fun to use!
*Over 2,400 Answer Blanks.
*Clearly Organized.
*Fill-in-the-Blank and Matching Exercises.
*Features between 50 and 100 Answer Blanks for each of the 31 Sections.
*Answer Key on perforated pages for easy removal.
*Use as class work, homework, as tests, or for personal study.
*Totally Catholic.
*Based on the traditional Catholic Bible (Douay-Rheims).
*Provides a trememdous Catholic foundation in Scripture!

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