Reign of Christ the King


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Proves Christ has an Absolute Right to reign in our social and political lives, as well as our personal lives!

In this bombshell little booklet, the noted English Catholic writer Michael Davies points out an important doctrine little known among most Catholics today, namely, that Our Lord Jesus Christ has the supreme right to reign in and govern the lives and actions, not only of individual people, but of political governments as well. He shows that the revolutionary “Declaration of the Rights of Man” adopted by the French Revolution in 1789 has spread the noxious social error that political authority originates in the people, which they in turn delegate by their majority vote to their governmental representatives, who are then obliged to do the will or mandate of the people – whether it be right or wrong.

Rather, and as Michael Davies points out, “all authority comes from God,” and political leaders, no matter how they attain their office, have a moral obligation to insure that the laws of man conform to the laws of God. Interesting and provocative in every paragraph, and written in terms that are simple and easy to understand, this booklet clarifies many errors common in our Western political tradition of the past 200 years and gives true direction, as stated by the Popes, for faithful Catholics to follow in fighting the political and social evils of our day and in working to effect once more in public life “THE REIGN OF CHRIST THE KING.”

Softcover, 36 pages.

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