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Why a book on nutrition, especially nutrition for young people, in the midst of a crisis in the Church? There is a very good reason why a book about adolescent nutrition is important now! Young people today are living in an unhealthy, artificial, synthetic and virtual world. The explosion of child obesity and mental illness are all signs that the orderly and somewhat Spartan life of our ancestors, with their greater appreciation for the processes of nature, has been destroyed and usurped by a virtual world of “food”, “sports”, “enjoyment”, and “fun”; a “world of realities” that must carry quotation marks around them if they are to honestly portray the situation of our time.

The task of our time is to reawaken and regain the normal in life: religion, health and education. That would sound boring if it were not for our common Christian recognition, that rooted in the very mind of God Himself is an idea and ideal, not only for mankind as a “type” but for each and every one of us as individuals. This book by Dr. Cichoke perfectly fits the interests of youth, their parents and anyone interested in the well-being of the Church and humanity at large, but it also responds to one of the most obvious characteristics of adolescents, their focus on themselves.
Dr. Cichoke (aka Dr. Enzyme), DC, Ph.D, DACBN is an internationally-known writer, physician, researcher and lecturer who is also one of the world’s foremost experts on enzymes.

At three years of age, his son, David, suffered a severe head injury which should have killed him. Through the search to save David’s life, Dr. Cichoke found the vital healing powers of Nutrition and discovered the True meaning of Life!

Softcover, 157 pages.

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