Seaside & Wayside Book 3


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To the boys and the girls:–

In this book we shall wander together a little farther, by the seaside and by the wayside.

Sometimes we shall walk on the breezy hills; sometimes in the low, marshy places, where ferns and rushes grow.

Sometimes we shall stroll along the wayside path, where the wild-flowers and grasses are woven into a wreath.

Somtimes we shall go to the hard, white sand, where the ocean waves roll to the feet, and bring us shells and other curious treasure from the sea. Again, we shall go down to the still ponds, where lilies lie afloat on the water and dragon-flies swim in the air.

Wherever we go, let us keep our eyes open and our minds awake to the lessons of Nature. Then we shall be able to learn what beauty and wisdom lie hid, even in such humble things as flies and worms. We shall find much to delight us in beetles; and be as happy as kings while we search out the secrets of airy hunters and marvellous little fishes.

Softcover, 184 pages.

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