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In this year’s science course, the students will study the universe (specifically, the stars, our sun, our solar system, the planets, the moon, man in space, origin of the universe, etc.); basic chemistry (measurements, matter, elements, atoms, energy and chemical laws, molecules, etc.); and basic physics (machines, energy, sound waves, light, aerodynamics, etc.) While many of these topics have been covered in previous years, the student (and parent) will find that the levels of difficulty and complexity increase with each succeeding year, with specific concepts being explored more in depth. Books: Science and Living in God’s World #6 Text; Text Answer Key; Student Quiz Booklet.

These texts are hard bound, cloth covered, illustrated. For Grades 2 through 8, they include how God is involved in all science because He is the Creator of all things. In early grades students will study the senses, plants, animals, rocks and soil, the sun, planets, and the universe. Upper grades will cover many of the same subjects, but in more depth. They will also learn about electricity, how changes occur in matter, the respiratory system, energy and its many forms, gravity, and motion. Skills will be learned in using the scientific way to solve problems, and students will learn a new way of looking at the wonderful world into which Gods has put us.

Hardcover, 271 pages.

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