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The study of science this year will concentrate on animals, both with and without backbones, plants, the human body, weather forecasting, earth and space navigation, mechanical and heat energy, chemical and nuclear energy, electricity, using our natural resources wisely, and fossil records. This study will stress how God, as the Creator of all things, has designed our bodies as well as all matter around us in a wondrous way. Like the other elementary level science books, the textbook, Science and Living in God’s World, is a revised reprint of an older Catholic text. Also available: Textbook Answer Key; Test Booklet; Test Booklet Answer Key.

These texts are hard bound, cloth covered, illustrated. For Grades 2 through 8, they include how God is involved in all science because He is the Creator of all things. In early grades students will study the senses, plants, animals, rocks and soil, the sun, planets, and the universe. Upper grades will cover many of the same subjects, but in more depth. They will also learn about electricity, how changes occur in matter, the respiratory system, energy and its many forms, gravity, and motion. Skills will be learned in using the scientific way to solve problems, and students will learn a new way of looking at the wonderful world into which Gods has put us.

Hardcover, 282 pages.

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