Science & Living in God’s World 3 Teacher’s Manual


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This Teacher’s Manual supports the text, “Science and Living in God’s World, Grade 3,” printed by Lepanto Press. It is intended as a guide for the parent to further explain and elaborate upon certain ideas and concepts presented in each unit. In each lesson, it is recommended that you, as the tutor, assign pages to be read quietly by the child to himself. A second reading could then consist of the child reading aloud to you, with occasional interruptions to allow you to determine if the child is comprehending what is being read. At the end of each unit, the most important points are summarized by the authors in the “Things to Remember” section. Ensure that the child is familiar with the points made in this section.

This booklet is also an answer key. It includes answers for questions found throughout the text, as well as many in the “Things to Do” section of each unit. Wrapping up each unit is another section, “Things to Think About,” which helps the student to recall what he has learned, while encouraging an application of the unit’s main ideas to the child’s everyday surroundings.

Softcover, 51 pages.

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