Science & Living in God’s World 2 Teacher’s Manual


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This teacher’s manual supports the text, “Science and Living in God’s World, Grade 2,” 1998 edition, printed by Lepanto Press. It is intended as a guide for the parent to further explain and elaborate upon certain concepts presented in each unit. It is also an answer key. This booklet includes most answers for the questions found throughout the text, as well as those in the “Things to do” and the “Things to Think About” sections at the end of each unit. Responses for those questions which evoke very subjective answers, especially those particular or unique to the individual child, will not generally be provided in this guide, and will bear the caveat: “Student answers will vary.”

To get the most from this Teacher’s Manual, it is recommended that the parent or in-home tutor who will be conducting the lesson read over the relevant portion of this guide prior to conducting the lesson. All page numbers given will refer to either the Textbook or to this Teacher’s manual. For pages to be read in the Textbook, the word “Text” will appear in parenthesis after the page number, while “TM” will appear after page numbers from the “Teacher’s manual.” Some of the information presented in this guide is for background purposes only, while other information can be best utilized by sharing it with the child. In this latter category can be placed the coloring pictures, which are placed throughout the guide. Most of these pictures have been designed to be colored by the child, while teaching the student more about some of the animals, plants, or topics pertinent to the unit content. The captions should be read and explained by the parent to the child.

Softcover, 55 pages.

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