Review Text In Health


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The purpose of this book is to cover the subject matter in Health as was taught in the 1950’s with material arranged in tabular form as an aid to memory.

In various science courses previously studied, the students have received small portions of scientific information that pertained to their own body and health. The students will now study more directly the subject of personal health; being encouraged to develop good health habits which should be of great benefit to the student as they grow into adulthood and become completely responsible for their own health. After all, as Catholics we know that our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. The textbook, **Review Text in Health, was written by a religious brother and a sister, and presents all topics in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Please note that this book does contain descriptions and diagrams of body structure (bone and musculature), internal organs, and various systems (organ groups), as well as a unit that covers the topic of Drugs: Alcohol, Tobacco and Narcotics.

Softcover, 118 pages.

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