Sunday Morning Storyland


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In his book Sunday Morning Storyland, Father Diamond speaks of Christ to children in the language of a child. He knows that the hearts of the young must be touched with fire, and through stories he enkindles fires of faith, hope, and love. These stories will help parents, priests and teachers to fulfill their responsibility for the spiritual guidance of Catholic children.

The author of HEAVENWORDS presents another collection of sermons for children, one for each Sunday of the year including the major feast days which occur on Sundays. A text is taken from the Gospel of the day and is explained or illustrated by stories that attract and apply.

Simply told, emphasizing a single lesson in each, these stories are purposely short and limited in scope so that the children’s whole attention is held throughout the sermon. Lessons of Honesty, Charity, Humility, Faith, etc., are presented under intriguing titles like “The Nervous Lady in a Trolley Car,” “Vincent Vinegar and Sally Sourcream,” “The Devil Stuck in a Trapdoor,” and others. What could better delight and more effectively instruct the youngsters?

A topical index is included for the convenience of priests, nuns, and catechists.

SUNDAY MORNING STORYLAND will assist busy priests in the difficult but pleasant task of preaching to children, and will supply nuns and lay teachers with lively material for explaining the Gospels in the classroom. First printing 1945.

Softcover, 115 pages.

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