St. Thomas Aquinas (Lepanto)


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Here is a book that will introduce you to a friend who will help you get to Heaven. Wouldn’t you like to have such a friend? Of course, you would, because a friend that wants to get your soul to Heaven is your best friend.

Softcover, 35 pages.

Who is this friend? This friend you will make is a great saint of the Catholic Church and his name is St. Thomas Aquinas.

He is so great that the Catholic Church calls him a “Doctor.” And, you know what a doctor does: he teaches you about your body and how your body can be strong and healthy. Well, St. Thomas is a doctor, too, but he is a doctor that teaches you about your soul and how your soul can be strong and healthy. That way it can go to Heaven. That is where the angels live, you know, and that is part of the reason why St. Thomas Aquinas is called, “The Angelic Doctor.”

So, we should let him teach us, don’t you think? But let’s first learn who St. Thomas Aquinas is.

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