The Lances of Lynwood


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Eustace is the younger brother of Sir Reginald, the lord of Lynwood castle and its surrounding lands. One heroic act on the battlefield gains him the favor of the Prince of Wales, who raises young Eustace to the level of Knighthood; but with that honor comes responsibility. There is one in the kingdom who also holds high favor with the Prince; one who wants to see the demise of the Lynwoods, and through a deceitful plan, tries to end the life of the rightful heir to the estates. The youthful Sir Eustace is hurled into the world of men and must now defend his castle, his orphaned nephew, and if he survives, his honor. To defend a castle under siege is no small task, especially when there are traitors within the walls and only a handful of men to defend it. But the gallant Sir Eustace, with the help of his brave squire, and the remaining lances of Lynwood, are up to the desperate task. In the end, he is to be hailed a brave, stout-hearted young Knight, for above all, he has true Charity.

Hardcover, 264 pages.

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