Fairy of the Snows


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It can be read aloud to and by all family members without losing interest simply because it is entertaining. The virtues to imitate are applicable to all. It also contains human behavioral lessons. It brings out the importance of family bonding and loyalty. The writer has a real talent for keeping what could be a very depressing story to light and cheerful reading instead. This is a classic to be handed down for generations.

Summary: This is a heart warming story of Alice Morrow, a delightful girl whose cheerfulness and outward actions disguise the real sufferings which the child and her family endure in their frequent state of poverty. Fr. Carney and his crew of philanthropists, headed by Margaret Dalton, come to the rescue of this family, namely, the Fairy of the Snows (as Father calls Alice), her sisters Elsie and Margaret, Frank her younger brother and, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Morrow, their loving parents.

Alice captures the heart of the reader just as she does Fr. Carney when he meets her for the first time. She hops and skips like a fairy out of a pantomime, and is dressed as though she were about to appear in Midsummer Nights Dream. says Fr. Carney about Alice. The ultimate optimist, Alice anticipates with great expectations the promises made to her by Mr. Morrow who plans to make good his word just as soon as his ship comes in which he realistically calls the Good Ship Hardly Ever with Captain Romance sailing her in.

Our Fairy of the Snows with all her zeal for life and her deep appreciation for music, dance and plays cant be bothered with self-pity. She also wins high honors for her school by her typing skills and unwittingly surprises Mr. Lawson with her literary knowledge.

A new release from the foremost Catholic writer of fiction for young people, Fr. Finn. Back in print after 75 years, this book provides a wondrous world full of exciting people and great adventure for all boys and girls.

Hardcover, 221 pages.

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