Teacher’s Manual for Henle Latin Series 1st & 2nd Years


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2 year course. The Henle Latin Series differs in use both in its aims and in its methods. The Classical Investigation of the twenties, revealing as it did that many students drop the study of Latin after a single year and that few students attain to any real mastery of the language, led to a general acceptance of the principle that mastery should be subordinated to the presentation of material (especially in the first year) interesting in itself and possessed of some utilitarian value. The author of the Henle Latin Series has chosen as his goals linguistic training and humanistic insight, which goals he believes should be reached through mastery of the language itself and through the study of classics selected and interpreted with a view to developing in the student certain attitudes, appreciations, and ideals.

He believes that a student, in order to obtain the greatest possible benefit from the study of Latin, should arrive at a certain mastery of Latin. If mastery was difficult in the past, the explanation is to be sought in the fact that the amount to be mastered was needlessly great and in the fact that the methods for arriving at mastery were poorly chosen. The Henle Latin Series provides for that amount of mastery which is essential. It concentrates all effort on the thorough mastery of the necessary forms, of the basic syntax, and of a practical working vocabulary. Forms, syntax, and vocabulary are not presented as things worthwhile in themselves, but as a foundation upon which can be built ability to read and translate Latin. The Henle Latin Series accepts whatever is good in modern methods of teaching without abandoning the traditional insistence on mastery of the fundamentals. It is, therefore, an integration of the old and the new.

This manual offers explanations and suggestions for teaching the first two books of the series, “FIRST YEAR LATIN” and “SECOND YEAR LATIN,” that will enable teachers to make the best use of the well-organized plan according to which these textbooks were developed. These explanations and suggestions are divided into three parts: General Principles of Method, First Year Latin, and Second Year Latin.

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