Latin 1st Year (I & II) Progress Tests


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2 year course. “LATIN PROGRESS TESTS, FIRST YEAR,” is based on “FIRST YEAR LATIN” and “LATIN GRAMMAR,” by Robert J. Henle, S.J. The book is designed to help you in understanding the lessons of the textbook, in reviewing the rules and forms that you have studied in previous lessons, and in discovering your individual strong and weak points. The tests are short. In most cases you write only one or two words or place a check mark in the proper space. The scores you make on the tests will enable you and your teacher to check your progress in the study of Latin.

Each test on the lessons in the textbook is divided into four or five sections. The first sectin is devoted to COMPREHENSION–how well you understand what you read. The second section covers SYNTAX–the rules governing the use of words and sentences, such as the case of nouns, the agreement of adjectives, and the tense and agreeement of verbs. The third section, FORMS, tests your knowledge of Latin declensions and conjugations; your ability to recognize case, number, person, and tense. In addition there are sections on VOCABULARY–the meaning of words–and DERIVATIVES or related English words. In some tests these two sections are combined–that is, you will give both the meaning of a word and a related English or Latin word.

In the Introduction to “FIRST YEAR LATIN,” Father Henle says:

“Your success in Latin will depend on three things: (1) You must study each day’s lesson carefully right from the start. (2) You must learn to review for yourself so you won’t forget what you have already learned . . . (3) you must do the exercises carefully . . . The more exercises you do, the more quickly you will master Latin, and the easier it will be later on . . .

“When your exercises are corrected, be sure to UNDERSTAND the corrections. Always try to learn WHY a thing is right or wrong.”

The perfect score for each section of a test is clearly stated and space is provided for you to write your score. Thus you can compare your score with the perfect score to find out how well you have remembered the points studied. When you make a poor score, you know that you must concentrate on that particulart skill in order to build a firm foundation for the future. There is also space at the beginning of each test for your total score on the test. On the inside back cover is a Score Sheet that will serve as a permanent record.

Your teacher will undoubtedly set a time limit for each test. Do not waste time. Learn to concentrate and to improve your scores each day.

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