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A 1965 Catholic school textbook, updated by our publishing arm, Lepanto Press, with current information on countries and cities, including name changes, as well as new sections on Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Using the professionally printed beautiful new oversized hardbound edition (which boasts clearer illustrations and photos), students will take a trip across the United States from New York to Hawaii. Then they will travel around the world, through Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

This book is appropriate for grade four. The student will have the opportunity of studying geography from a Catholic school textbook. They will take a trip across the US from New York to Hawaii. Then they will travel across Europe to the Mediterranean. Continuing on, Africa, Asia and South America will be visited next. The student will end up in Australia. There are questions after each chapter as well as Unit Tests. Illustrations accompany each visit which covers that area’s climate, surface features, physical features, plants, animals, natural resources, inhabitants, and industry.

Hardcover, 291 pages.

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