Come to Mass Coloring Book


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By Father Francis–contains text and coloring pages.

We Owe a Gift to God
–What is a Sacrifice?
–Abel and Cain Offer Sacrifice
–Abraham’s Sacrifice
–A King Offers Bread and Wine
–The Perfect Gift
–We Have a Perfect Gift
The Fore-Mass
The Mass of the Faithful
The Mass Begins
–The Confiteor
–Kissing the Altar
–The Introit
–The Kyrie
–The Gloria
–The Collect
God Speaks to Us
–The Epistle
–The Gradual
–The Gospel
–The Credo
We Offer Our Gifts
–Pouring wine into the chalice
–Offering the wine
–“Come, Holy Ghost”
–Washing the Hands
–Offering the Most Holy Trinity
–“Pray, brethren”
–The Preface
–The Sanctus
–Remembering those on earth
–Remembering the saints in heaven
–Prayers of offering
–Consecration of the bread
–Consecration of the wine
God Accepts Our Sacrifice
–Remembering the dead and sinners
–The Little Elevation
God Gives to Us
–The “Our Father”
–Breaking of Bread and Agnus Dei
–The Communion
–The Postcommunion
–The Blessing
–The Last Gospel
How to Live the Mass
How Much Do You Know About the Mass Worksheet/Quiz

Softcover, 32 pages.

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