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What can we do to help re-establish the reign of Christ the King in modern society? In the world today, the rights of Christ and His Church have been systematically attacked and suppressed to the point that Our Lord has been exiled from society. Modern world rulers, instead of working for the reign of Christ the King, are working for the Reign of Man, by setting up mankind as the god of this world.

This is especially evident when we consider that the criterion, or norm, for truth and error, good and evil, and law and order in the modern world is no longer the authority of God and the Church of Christ, the Ten Commandments, or even the natural law, but rather the authority of man—that is, the State and the “common will” of the people, based on the so-called “rights of man” with no reference to the rights and commandments of God, and man’s duty to love, honor, and serve God in this world in order to save his soul.

Some may say: “But what can Catholics do, seeing that we are so few?” In response, we can point out that Our Lord began with only twelve Apostles, yet consider how His Church has spread over the whole world since its foundation. So, it’s not a question of numbers, but rather of using the means which Christ has given to extend His Kingdom, which are: His Church, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, public and private prayer, the missionary work of priests and religious, and finally, the work of Catholic Action.

Christ wants to reign over the minds and hearts of all men, but He also has the right to reign over all nations. The mission of the Church, therefore, is to work for both goals. Catholic Action refers to the role of the laity in this work. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and misunderstanding on the part of many Catholics, this important apostolate has been neglected, leading to the appearance of other socio-political movements, imbued with a reactionary and revolutionary spirit, all claiming to be working for the restoration of social order. And the real danger is that Catholics may be drawn into the errors of these false movements if they are not sufficiently instructed in the Church’s social doctrine and in the principles of Catholic Action.

The enemies of the Church have always tried to associate Catholics with anti-government movements in order to accuse the Church of promoting political unrest and a spirit of rebellion against the State. In fact, most of the great persecutions against the Church throughout history were based on this false accusation (e.g., Nero and the Roman Emperors, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I of England, the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, etc.).

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