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From $75.00 (per course)

Use this form to enroll your student in our Single Course Enrollment program.  You may select more than one course per grade/subject, but only enroll one student per form. To register your student in our Full Enrollment program with Add-On Electives, please go to our Full Enrollment Registration page. NOTE: Please scroll down as the form can be rather long.

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Single Course Enrollment

All courses in 7th through 12th grade are available for single course enrollment. Select courses are available for Kindergarten through 6th grade. This option includes record keeping, issuing quarterly progress reports, report cards, tutor support, academic counselor support, and lesson plans. Our lesson plans detail a 36 week school year.

Registration: $25 per student


     Kindergarten – Grade 6 Single Course: $75 per course

     Grade 7 – Grade 12 Elective Course: $125 per course ($75 for typing and Latin)