Independent Study

From $20.00 (per student)

This option includes purchasing the lesson plans and quarter tests (assigned books can be purchased separately). However, unlike full enrollment, the student’s work or assignments will not be sent to our tutors and instead the test answer keys will be included. Parent will be responsible for correcting all assignments, issuing all grades and keeping all records.

This might be an ideal alternative for those families who want to use the Our Lady of Victory curriculum for their younger children but are looking for a more cost efficient option. Although, since no transcripts will be available from OLVS with this option, we strongly discourage the Independent Study Program for students in high school.

Independent Study/Lesson Plan Packet

  • Complete Grade-level: $100 per student
  • Single Subject, Kindergarten – Grade 6: $20 per subject
  • Single Subject, Grade 7 – Grade 12: $30 per subject

*  Certificates of completion are ONLY available for our Religion/Theology courses (for families who need them for parochial/sacramental reasons).

Select the appropriate complete grade or specific subject(s). You may select more than one course per grade/subject. One student per form.

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