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Now! Share the Riches of the Traditional Latin Mass with Today’s Catholic Children

Based on Fr. William Kelly’s 1925 book, The Mass for Children, this all-new DVD provides a wonderful introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass for your children and grandchildren.

In this unique presentation, vivid pictures, complelling stories, and actual footage of a traditional Low Mass combine to simplify all necessary explanations in order to make the Holy Sacrifice better known and better loved by Catholic children.

Adults too, especially those new to the Traditional Mass, will view this enlightening presentation with interest and profit, and only wish they’d seen it when they were children!


Father Gets Ready for Holy Mass
An overview of the vestments and their meaning, plus the vessels, altar, and tabernacle.

To Calvary Through the Mass
Shows the devotional connection between the parts of the Mass and Our Blessed Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Plus Two Sing-a-long Songs!
“Anima Christi” and “I Assist at Mass”

PLEASE NOTE: The format is similar to a slide show with music and is not animated.

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