Life in a Medieval Castle & Village Coloring Book


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Forty-two authentically detailed drawings depict daily life in castle, village, monastery, field and forest, evoking the excitement and pageantry of tournaments, castle sieges, banquets and fairs. Bring your own ideas of color to authentic vignettes of medieval life: a lady working on a tapestry, a monk inscribing a manuscript, a miller at his work and a knight preparing for battle. Other drawings show archery lessons, the castle kitchens, a tavern, a hunting party, pilgrims on the road, a village school, a shepherd with his flock, the castle gardens, a fierce battle and more. Whether the illustrations depict a lord playing chess with his son, a cathedral under construction or a peddler selling his wares, the true look and feel of medieval life comes through, from architectural details to the particulars of dress and activity at all levels of society. 42 illustrations.

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