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Her mother died when she was four years old, her surrogate mother abandoned her a few years later, plunging Therese Martin (Lindsay Younce) into a mental collapse.

Then something miraculous happens…At the age of 14, she undergoes a mysterious conversion and falls deeply in love with God. Then – not old enough for the convent – she travels all the way to the Vatican, where she boldly steps forth at a papal audience to beg the Pope for permission to become a Carmelite nun.

In the monastery, Therese, a teenage girl, gains insight that breathe fresh air into the Catholic Church and transform the world. Challenged by the austere, cloistered life, this pampered child discovers a simple way of living and loving God.

In a lavish period production, THERESE tells the true story of Therese of Lisieux, the most popular saint of modern times. It’s a story of struggle and tragedy, and the greatest of all romances. The story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary soul.

In her young life, Therese saw herself as a child of God. She liked to keep things simple and focused as a young child would. She believed that life presents enough challenges and opportunities for grace and that God is everywhere – in every situation and person – and in the ordinary, simple details of life. Therese called her simple beliefs about life’s little things her “Little Way.” Since her death, this “Little Way” has been and is emulated throughout the world.

The “Little Way” is a method of living that undertakes every task – especially the smallest and least acknowledged with no expectation of personal gain. A person who embodies the “Little Way” anonymously addresses life’s responsibilities and duties every day with selfless thanksgiving.

The example of love and service we often attribute to the now Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is also an example of the “Little Way” in action. Mother Teresa held a deep and profound devotion to Saint Therese of Lisieux, even taking her name upon entrance into the religious life.

The universality of Saint Therese and her message extends to all four corners of the world. Today, one can find her statue in almost every town and city in the world. Her autobiography has been translated into over 60 languages an dialects and has sold over 100 million copies throughout the world. Her relics have been visited by more than eight million attendees worlwide and the numbers continue to grow. Her miracles have touched millions more through her “shower of roses” intercession.

Songs list:

1. Story of my soul
2. Death of mama
3. I longed for Heaven
4. Faraway desert place
5. A father’s mercy
6. Pauline’s secret
7. Pauline is lost to me
8. The miracle
9. Therese visits Pauline
10. My sisters depart
11. Christmas conversion
12. The baby Jesus
13. Pranzini
14. The little flower
15. A visit to Rome
16. Speak
17. Little things
18. Goodbye Papa
19. Life in Carmel
20. Sister Augustine
21. Canticle of love
22. The little way
23. The storm begins
24. In Heaven
25. Joan of Arc
26. My vocation is love
27. I’m going to die
28. Last conversion
29. Trial of faith
30. Final agony
31. My mission has begun
32. Shower of roses

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