M-Handmaiden of the Lord (Complete Collection)


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Songs of Mary

Sung by the Daughters of St. Paul

1. Hail, Holy Queen
2. Regina Coeli
3. Immaculate Mary
4. Tota Pulchra Es
5. Mirror of Infinite Beauty
6. Holy Is His Name
7. O Mary Immaculate
8. I Am Thine
9. Soul of Mary
10. Hail Mary: Gentle Woman
11. Sing of Mary
12. Ave Maria>
13. Daily, Daily Sing to Mary
14. On this Day, O Beautiful Mother
15. Hymne a la Vierge
16. O Mary, Our Mother
17. Mother Dear, O Pray for Me
18. Bring Flowers of the Rarest
19. Holy Mary, Now We Crown You
20. Ave Maria
21. I Sing a Maid
22. Voices Rise in Heartfelt Fervor
23. Ave Regina Caelorum — Motet
24. Salve Regina
25. O Queen of the Holy Rosary
26. O Be Glad, My Soul, Rejoice
27. Hail, This Festival Day!

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