M-Gregorian Melodies Volume 2 CD


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Mass of the Angels

1. Sprinkling of Holy Water (Asperges me)
2. Sprinkling, Eastertide (Vidi aquam)
3. Kyrie (VIII)
4. Gloria (VIII)
5. Alleluia (Tu es Petrus)
6. Sanctus (VIII)
7. Agnus (VIII)


8. Hymn (Conditor alme siderum)
9. Alleluia (Ostende nobis)


10. Puer natus in Bethlehem
11. Alleluia (Dominus dixit)

The Passion

12. Hymn (Gloria laus)
13. Sequence (Stabat mater)


14. Alleluia (Confitermini Domino)


15. Brief responsory (Spiritus Paraclitus)

Benediciton of the Holy Sacrament

16. Chant of Exposition (O salutaris)
17. Chant of Exposition (Ecce panis)
18. Hymn (Pange lingua, gloriosi)
19. Psalm 116 (Laudate Dominum)

Chants to Our Lady

20. Antiphon (Alma Redemptoris)
21. Antiphon (Ave Maria)
22. Antiphon (Ave Regian caelorum–simple tone)
23. Brief responsory (Ave Maria)
24. Hymn (Ave maris stella–simple tone)


From the Office for the Departed

25. Antiphon and Benedictus (Ego sum)


26. Hymn (Te Deum–simple tone)

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