M-Gregorian Melodies Volume 1 CD


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Taken from the Liber Cantualis

1. Sprinkling of holy water (Asperges me)
2. Sprinkling of holy water–Easter Season (Vidi aquam)
3. Kyrie (XVI)
4. Gloria (XV)
5. Sanctus (XVIII)
6. The Lord’s Prayer (Pater noster)
7. Agnus Dei (XVIII)

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

8. Chant of Adoration (Adoro te)
9. Hymn (lesu dulcis memoria)
10. During Lent (Parce Domine)
11. Chant of Worship (Tantum ergo–3rd mode)
12. Chant of Worship (Adoremus in aeternum)

Chants to Our Lady

13. Antiphon (Salve Regina–simple tone)
14. Antiphon (Regina caeli–simple tone)
15. Canticle and Antiphon (Magnificat)
16. Antiphon (Sub tuum praesidium)
17. Hymn (Ave maris stella)

Along the liturgical year

During Advent:

18. Prose (Rorate caeli)

At Christmas:

19. Ecce nomen Domini

During Lent:

20. Attende, Domine

At Pentecost:

21. Hymn (Veri Creator)

At Compline:

22. Hymn (Te lucis)
23. Brief responsory (In manus tuas)
24. Canticle and Antiphon (Vunc dimittis)


25. Kyrie (XI)
26. Sanctus (XI)
27. Agnus (XI)
28. Credo (III)
29. Kyrie (XVIIC)

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