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As heard at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History

Tina Chauncey: Viola de gamba, baroque violin & recorders

Mark Cudek: Cittern, baroque guitar, viola de gamba & recorders

Scott Reiss: Recorders, hammered dulcimer & flagcolet

1. Madison’s Whim/The Merry Strollers/The Killerman
2. Bobbing Joe Medley: Bobbing Joe
3. Cuckolds all in a Row/Rufty Tufty/Parson’s Farewell
4. Captain Kidd/Nashville
5. A Sett of Hornpipes
6. Butter’d Peas
7. Daphne
8. La Poulle
9. Childgrove
10. Spirit of Gambo
11. Portsmouth/Staines Morris/Lusty Gallant/Chelsea Reach
12. Argeers
13. Daniel Purcell’s Ground
14. New Jersey/The Ball
15. John Come Kiss Me Now
16. Rockbridge/The Garden Hymn
17. A Sett of Jiggs
18. Scotch Cap
19. The Merry Milkmaids
20. The President’s March/Ca Ira
21. The Swallow/The Colly Flower
22. Johnny Cock thy Beaver

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