Tales from Shakespeare (Signet)


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A wonderful way to experience 20 of Shakespeare’s timeless plays, this retelling of the stories in prose by the famous 19th century brother and sister, Charles & Mary Lamb, was originally published just for children. Keeping Shakespeare’s own words whenever possible, but making the plots and language easily accessible, this entertaining and very readable collection has remained a standard of children’s literature since its first appearance in London in 1807 and has delighted generations of adults as well. Here Shakespeare’s best known tragedies and comedies come vividly to life. Whether it’s the moving drama of “Hamlet,” the stormy action of “Macbeth,” or the great wit of “The Taming of the Shrew,” each play is presented with charm and clarity for readers of any age to enjoy–as a helpful preface to the original Elizabethan version or simply as enriching, unforgettable stories in themselves.

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