St. Thomas Aquinas (Windeatt)


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“The Dumb Ox” was a perfect nickname for young Thomas Aquinas–although it was none too kind. Thomas was big, slow to speak–a quiet and solemn youth. Even Father Albert was inclined to think him rather dull.

No one knew about Thomas’ amazing memory, or that he knew most of the Bible by heart, or that no subject was difficult for him.

One day Thomas decided to amuse himself by writing a paper on a really hard problem in Theology. Then somehow, after writing it, he lost it.

A few days later the paper turned up on Father Albert’s desk. Father Albert read it, then called Thomas to his cell.

“Brother Thomas,” he asked, as the student entered the room, “did you write this?”

This book describes what happened next, plus the other events in Thomas’ remarkable life. It tells how his mother fought against his vocation, how his brothers kidnapped him and put him in a tower, how his sisters helped him, and how the angels brought him something from Heaven.

All in all, this book shows how Thomas, “The Dumb Ox” came to be the Patron of Catholic Schools and the greatest teacher ever in the history of the Catholic Church.

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