St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism #2


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The truths of our Catholic faith clearly explained and illustrated with Bible readings, study helps, and Mass prayers. Includes the very latest Questions and Answers added by the Episcopal Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. Official Revised Edition #2, explained by Reverend Bennet Kelly , C.P.

This Catechism aims at combining the old with the new. Of the old, it retains the text of the Revised Baltimore Catechism, Number Two. This is still the standard text for the middle and upper grades of grammar school in most dioceses.

But there is much that is new. In addition to the recent Supplement added to the Official Text by the Episcopal Committee, there are abundant explanations given to help the children understand the difficult parts of each lesson. It is usually the practice to have the children memorize the answers in the text, but this is of comparatively little value if the children do not understand well what they are memorizing. The explanatory material has been adapted to the age and general intelligence of children in the upper grades of grammar school.

Pictures have been used profusely throughout to aid the children both in understanding each lesson and in the memory work involved, since pictures always help the memory process.

To give life to the formulas in which the doctrine is expressed, Sacred Scripture has been used extensively, since in the Scriptures we find presented to us by the Holy Spirit the living figure of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Heart and Center of the Catechism, besides being its invisible author.

To help the children use what they have learned in their relationship with God, constant use has been made of the Sacred Liturgy. The Catholic Faith can be better understood only when it is lived and expressed.

The primary law of Christ, His new law of charity, is the keynote of the whole Catechism.

It is hoped that with the aid of this New St. Joseph Edition of the Baltimore Catechism the teacher will find it easier to present to the children not only the verbal expression of the teachings of Faith, but the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, who is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14, 6).
–Father Bennet, C.P.

For grades 6-8. All necessary traditional knowledge to receive Confirmation. Takes the same 3 parts of No. 1 edition and puts more meat on the bones. Questions & Answers in 38 chapters. Details and practical applications. 450-word Catholic dictionary. Serious discussion questions. Stations of the Cross. Emphasizes life in the Mystical Body. Mass prayers. Memorable diagrams, pictographs, illustrations, pictures.

263 pp., softcover.

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