St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism #1


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The truths of our Catholic faith clearly explained and illustrated with Bible readings, study helps, and Mass prayers. Official Revised Edition #1, explained by Reverend Bennet Kelly , C.P.

The purpose of religious instruction is to teach Christ. The teacher aims at presenting to the children the words of Christ and even more the Person of Christ, Who is the Word in which is contained all truth.

It is chiefly through the inspired pages of Sacred Scripture and the divinely guided actions of the Sacred Liturgy that we come to know the Person of Christ. The better we know and love the Person of Christ, the more we will be able to understand the meaning of what Christ has taught, but we will understand the Catechism only to the extent that we aim at understanding Christ Himself.

The Baltimore Catechism is the official Catechism of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, and has been the standard text for Catholic schools in the United States for many years.

St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism Number One is a new approach to the Baltimore Catechism. Its aim is to take the main point of each lesson and to show how that is illustrated or exemplified in some event of Sacred Scripture. The concrete picture language of the Bible will be a big help to the child to understand better the main truths presented in the more abstract language of the questions and answers of the official Baltimore Catechism.

In this catechism, each lesson begins with an illustration from the Bible which is explained for the child. From the Scriptural example the child will find it easy to grasp the main ideas of the lesson. It will not then be too difficult for the teacher to explain the individual questions. A more detailed explanation of the questions and answers themselves is given in St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism Number Two.

With each lesson other readings from the Bible are suggested. The object is to introduce the child even at an early age to the Bible itself where we have the Person and message of Our Lord Jesus Christ presented by the Holy Spirit Himself. And just as Our Lord knew how to present His divine message even to children, so will the pages of Sacred Scripture have much to say even to very young minds and hearts. They will not understand everything they read, but they will get much out of it, and if they are given a love for the Bible, they will read and understand more later on. If they learn to love the Bible, they will fall in love with Christ.
–Father Bennet, C.P.

For grades 3-5. Catechism explained and illustrated. Three parts treated comprehensively: The Creed, the Commandments, the Sacraments and Prayer. Full body of prayers. Biblical proofs for Catholic teaching. Instills love of Scripture. Question & Answer format. Each of 37 chapters include Discussion Questions, True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Further Study, Liturgical Application, Three times longer than First Communion Edition and 5 times deeper.

191 pages, color softcover.

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