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By Jerry Silverman. Over 100 classic Irish songs in three categories: Thro’ Tara’s Halls, All in Americay, and the Troubles. These songs chronicle the struggle and voyages of Irish and Irish-American history.

103 Favourite Irish and Irish-American Songs.

A Note From Jerry Silverman:
“A tune is more lasting than the song of the birds
A word is more lasting than the riches of the world.”
–Irish proverb
The songs of a people do more than just recount the story of the people. They are the people. Irish songs are so intertwined with the long, sad tale of Ireland that even the happy songs seem to be (in the words of another oppressed people) “laughin’ just to keep from cryin.'”

Outlaws, lovers, farmers, drinkers, sailors, yarn spinners, soldiers, emigrants, revolutionaries . . . what a cast of characters! What a wealth of words and music and more words and more music!
They struggled for some 800 years against Britain — losing battle after battle, and finally winning the war. They left in the millions for “Americay” — only to find new battles to fight, finally winning that war, as well.

What we have here, in some small way, is a musical chronicle of those struggles and those voyages. From the polished lines of Moore and Yeats, to the rollicking rhymes of Percy French, to the anguished cry of the wife upon seeing her crippled husband back from the wars, from Bendemeer’s Stream to Brooklyn City . . . and all the good times and hard times in between.

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