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Hilda van Stockum has created another lovable child with imagination. A quote from the book: “I wonder how deep it is,” thought Pegeen, bending over the well till her curls touched the water, darkness meeting darkness. “Perhaps mermaids live down there, creatures half-fish, half-fairy. I wish I could see ’em . . . Oh, wirra! Wirra!” A movement of Pegeen’s elbow had knocked the kettle, which had stood wobbling uncertainly on a jutting rock–plump!–into the water. It rapidly filled, and with a few bubbles and gurgles the heavy iron thing sank. Pegeen reached over to save it, but she dared not lean too far for fear of falling in, and no matter how she searched and splashed with her arms in the water, she couldn’t find the kettle. It had sunk too deep. “Oh, wirra! Wirra!” said
Pegeen, scrambling up and glancing ruefully at her dress, which was badly soiled from lying on the wet, muddy ground. “Wasn’t that a queer thing to happen now?” She frowned over it as she went back down the road. “Sure, it’s the little people were in it,” she mutttered to herself. “It wasn’t my fault at all.”

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