Our Lady of Beauraing Coloring Book (Windeatt)


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When four of the five children in this story went to pick up the fifth one after school on the evening of November 29, 1932, their minds were full of tricks they were playing–ringing doorbells, then running away to hide. They had no idea that on that evening they would see the first of 33 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was a very, very beautiful lady, dressed in shining white; they loved to see her, and each time she left they hoped she would return.

At first people said the children’s story about the lady was nonsense, but soon many began to believe. Huge crowds came to kneel at the hawthorn tree in the convent garden in Beauraing, Belgium while the children saw Our Lady. She told them to be very good, and she showed them her heart–it was golden and gave off rays of light. Our Lady asked for prayer and sacrifice, and she promised, “I will convert sinners.”

Our Lady cured some people who prayed to her at Beauraing, and eventually a big chapel was built for her there. The five children grew up and themselves became parents of little children. These boys and girls learned about the beautiful Immaculate Virgin Mary, about her golden heart and about her message. She wants us to pray that sinners will be good, and she wants good people to be very good–so that all can go to Heaven to be with her for all eternity.

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