Old Dingledorf Square


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Christian in tone, relaying good morals and virtues, and told in delightful verse and meter, these old-fashioned Christmas poems will be enjoyed by the whole family!

“Old Dingledorf Square” is a Christmas allegory set in Victorian times that has enormous relevance to today’s modern audience. What happens to this little town, famed around the world for their handmade Christmas bells, when a deafening silence overtakes the Christmas joy? Why have the residents lost their religious faith? Come and see how Terwilliger Mugs, a beggar seeking a hot meal and respite from the bitterly cold night, teaches the townsfolk the true meaning of Christmas.

“Cruthers Smuthers and the Green Ghost of Christmas” studies the materialistic theme with a young tyke who becomes the consummate brat through his greedy consumption of Christmas until he meets a green ghost that scares him to his wits end!

“The Light of the Beggar” focuses on two urban beggars who view their lack of wealth differently one with derision, the other, with Christlike optimism.

These allegorical and spiritual poems will captivate the mind through sonorous and memorable rhyme set to match the music of Christmas.

Softcover, 86 pages.

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