My Queen and My Mother


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The first edition of this book appeared very appropriately in 1904, the Golden Jubilee year of Pope Pius IX’s dogmatical definition of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which Jubilee was celebrated with an extraordinary outburst of faith and devotion, and a most abundant outpouring of Divine grace, throughout the Catholic Church.

Hence, the new work was welcomed in a very special manner and enjoyed quite remarkable popularity. Bur over and above this, there are reasons of a more general nature that will recommend this charming volume to all devout clients of Mary.

To the very many pious souls who find a great difficulty in meditation, and yet are desirous of learning the art, these reflections, in the form of prayers, upon the various petitions and titles of the Litany, will afford an easy and most fruitful method of mental prayer.

For it is wisely recommended to such persons by some spiritual writers and directors to practice mental prayer in this very way — that is to say, by selecting one or other of the familiar formulae of prayer which we are accustomed to recite, and then by going slowly, one by one, through each of its component verses and petitions, expanding them in one’s own thought and language, paraphrasing them, so to speak, and in the words of St. Francis de Sales, sucking from each its honey, as the bee does from every flower.

Such is a highly profitable way of meditiaion, and this little work will lead the pious reader easily and sweetly to the practice of this method applied to Our Lady’s Litany.

Hardcover with dust jacket, 262 pages.

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