My Life with Thomas Aquinas


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The first volume of “The INTEGRITY Series,” “My Life with Thomas Aquinas,” is this publisher’s most popular book on everyday American family living. It has been so well-received by parents that it made a second volume of “The INTEGRITY series” necessary, “Raising Your Children.” These and future volumes of “The INTEGRITY Series” are from “INTEGRITY,” the far-sighted, ground-breaking Catholic magazine published from 1946-55. Its goal was to bring together in practice religion and everyday life using the common-sense wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. In view of many Catholics (then as now) who “lived” the Faith on Sundays, but were “men and women of the world” on weekdays, “INTEGRITY” showed how the harmony between the natural and supernatural orders could be restored in the modern world.

Volume 1 of “The INTEGRITY Series” gives you words of vision and wisdom on how grace-filled Catholic families can and must become an essential part of a constructive program for a Christ-centered America:

*Why Aren’t Americans Contemplative?
*The Age of Lay Sanctity
*Job Hunting and Vocation
*A Christian Abnormal Psychology
*About Television
*Contemporary American Protestantism
*The Science of Temptation
*Catholic Action and Responsibility
*Christian Vocation Guidance
*The Pertinence of Penance
*The Catholic Press Today

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