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40 pictures (same as on the wall chart) in full color. 5″ x 8″ with attractive cover.


This textbook has been designed as a student-tool to accompany our “My Jesus and I-Charts.”

The charts are large wall demonstration guides, from which the teacher conducts instruction. The pupils follow the charts from their booklets. Experience indicates that the best results are achieved when the teacher, using the chart, has the pupil use the “My Jesus and I-Booklet” in conjunction with it.

Children usually receive their First Holy Communion during their second grade. Catechists have always found it difficult to decide on suitably organized material for the first grade child. “My Jesus and I” will surely fill a need. It includes a study of the usual prayers, as well as of proper conduct at home, church and school.



Our Father Bishop and founder, Bishop Morrow, prepared this little booklet for you when he was Bishop of Krishngar, India. He wanted you to know Jesus better, and to help others to love Him more and more. Then God called him to be with Him.

We, too, want you to know Jesus as your very best friend who loves little children like you.

One day, when Jesus was very tired, little boys and girls crowded about Him. The Apostles tried to send them away. But Jesus said: “Let the children come to Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” He did not want the children to be sent away; loving them always.

Jesus wants little boys and girls to know how He lived, and what He taught. He wants us all to be good, loving one another, and obeying our teachers and parents.

Some day, when we are in heaven, we shall see Jesus, our dear Friend. Then we shall be happy with Him forever.

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